Original Title : THE HALF
Type : Social Drama / Fiction / Crime

Running Time: 70 min
Film Gauge:RED -EPIC
Original version: Persian
Subtitled in English
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Ratio: 16:9
Year: 2016


24th Raindance Film Festival  in the main competition section in London’s West End from September 21st – October 2nd, 2016 24th Raindance Film Festival  in the main competition section in London’s West End from September 21st – October 2nd, 2016
11th edition of the Police Film Festival of Liège (Belgium) May 2017 (4th-7th). International Crime and Punishment Film Festival - 30 September - 06 October 2016 – Turkey 25th annual St. Louis International Film Festival.  Nov. 3-13, 2016 - USA


Hasti Mahdavi
Hossein Soleimani
Negar Abedi
Afshin Sang Chap
Farimah Farjami
Asha Mehrabi


Director : Bahman Kamyar
Writer: Bahman Kamyar
Visual Effects Designers: Ali tasdighi
Production Manager: Reza Bashiri
Recordist: Afshin Keyvanmehr
Sound Designing and Synchronizing : Hossein abolsedgh
Set and Costume Designer: Shahram Ghadiri far
Makeup Designer: mehri shirazi
Music: Aria azimi Nejad
Editor: Mastaneh Mohajer
Director of Photography: Hossein Nazerian
Producer: Bahman kamyar

Azar is a young girl who has been living on her own in a cheap accommodation since the death of her father and her mother’s new husband. She studies and to pay her bills she works in a special children hospital. Once for exterminating the rodents in the accommodation, it is being fumed so she has no choice but to stay for a few nights in her mother and her step-father’s home. The mother’s problems and the stepfather’s abusive behavior – which are fueled by his drug addiction- disturb Azar. IN the middle of the night the step-father attacks Azar in her room, but eventually her mother comes to rescue but ends up murdered in the hands of the step-father.Azar is alone and burdened but is determined to seek justice for her poor mother and asks the judge for capital punishment. But there is a huge problem at her feet caused by the criminal law. According to the law, a woman’s blood money is half of the man’s. So Azar has to pay half of the step-father’s blood money to his family to be able to see him sentenced. It is a difficult task for Azar. But she is determined to get the justice she expects for the man who murdered her mother. And in her quest to gather this money, see the justice done and the murderer sentenced, she has to face many dangers and confrontations.

Director’s Motivation:

“Half” started out as a way to explore the gender discrimination in the criminal justice and their problems. In this film we explore the struggles of our main character; a struggle which is the direct result of the discrimination between men and women. So intense that it affects friends and family around her. On the other hand, this film has an eye on the extreme selfishness of the society against people less fortunate. The society that no longer cares about helping others. When the struggle starts the society and people around it are busy with their own selfishness and instead of trying to help, they lecture others on how to accept things as they are.

 Director’s Statement :

“ I chose “Half” as my first film to start my film career in a path to use cinema as a means of exploring and showing the middle class problems. These problems can even be forced on them by following the word of law after someone else has broken the law. In fact, in this film I tried to show that sometimes what we do has an direct effect on other peoples life; whether for better or worse. Other people who have no direct effect on situation at hand, but are left on their own to deal with it.