Line Up 2018

Original Title: Zanani Ba Gushvarehaye Baruti
Type: Feature Documentary l Social l Women Issue l War

Running Time: 77   min
Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Resolution: 1920/ 10.80
Original version:  Arabic
Subtitled in English
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound: 5.1
Year:  DEC 2017

Noor Al Helli is an Iraqi female journalist who goes to the ISIS war zones to report and film the events of ISIS’s  cracked up . in confronting an ISIS family she is drawn to the camps of ISIS men’s wives and children for the first time.Close encounter with these families marks a series of incidences for her.Women With Gunpowder Earring is a daring and highly original film about Women’s Power in bringing changes into the life.

Locarno Film  Festival 1 – 11 | 8 | 2018  -Semaine De La Critique . Cinema Vérité 16e Festival International Signs de Nuit Paris Cité Universitaire de Paris October 4 - 14, 2018 •	Asiatica - Encounters with Asian Cinema, Rome, Italy, from October 4th to October 10th, 2018

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